We’re thinkers, dreamers, and doers.
We are The Creative Trading Co., a new kind of creative company.
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From insights to impact, we trade ideas for growth using top-tier solutions.

Holistic Approach

We’re all about assisting companies that are eager to create awesome brand content and conversations that take brand and customer experiences to the next level. Not just ads or random Facebook posts, we create BRAND EXPERIENCE.


It’s not just ads for us; it’s more like a creation where art, strategy, and technology converge to bring out that X factor. Our team, consisting of seasoned creative and brand specialists, is here to shake things up and bring that “something new” to the table.


We create meaningful connections that can be measured in real ROI. As the clichéd line goes, ‘Our work speaks for itself.’ The only difference here is, we have our clients to speak for us as well.

Our DNA is Dynamic, Nimble, and Adaptive.


Creative Explorers: We are fearless explorers of creativity, constantly exploring new territories of imagination to redefine what’s possible.
Client’s Best Friend: Our approach revolves around our clients’ worlds, delving deep into their visions to sculpt pathways to success with precision and passion.
Synergistic Spirits: We believe in the power of teamwork to achieve remarkable outcomes together.
Ethical Guardians: Integrity is woven into our ethos; we uphold unwavering ethical standards in all aspects of our work.


It all started in 2021, on one fine sunny day, when the sky looked bright and the future seemed even brighter. This odyssey began with the lone sailor, Joe Deepan, driven by a burning desire in his heart to find pearls in the depths of Marketing and Advertising. As time passed, kindred spirits joined his journey, and before we knew it, Joe had become our Captain. Fast forward just three years, we’re glad to have worked on 70+ projects for various clients from diverse industries, crafting 2400+ creatives, 50+ videos, and 10+ UX/UI projects. Sure, it was one good journey, and there’s more to come.


Welcome to our vibrant workplace culture, where diversity, equity, and inclusion pulse through every aspect of our community. Here, there are no red tapes or hierarchies to limit your freedom of thought. We embrace a flexible approach to work-life balance, empowering our team to thrive both personally and professionally. In this environment, we’re all about having fun and letting creativity flow freely, creating a space where innovation and humor thrive.


Imagine a place where your creativity isn’t just welcomed, it’s celebrated with standing ovations. If you thrive on pushing the boundaries of imagination and crafting awe-inspiring work, then you’re in the right place. Here, you can learn, take ownership, and execute projects that not only enhance your professional growth but also ignite your joy and passion. If what we’ve said rings a bell for you, feel free to drop by our office. We’ll chat over a coffee.

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