Which agency helps your brand become discoverable?

June 18, 2024 •

This Industry is swamped with branding and marketing agencies offering unique brand identity services, a haphazard we don’t need but are dealing with.

 The digital age today, with a wide spectrum of digital marketing is an engaging one. Every day there’s a new software tool created and introduced to solve the tech needs of the hour. But without the right agencies or the right team to guide us on how to use these tools and for what, we are most certainly in soup. 

Point of view: You are in Business. Ready to take on the industry with your expert skills or finest products or anything that can sell. 

But are you ready to be discovered by potential clients?

Because without the right sector audience, our investments will remain stagnant and even selling a small idea takes a back seat. A major misconception today is, branding and marketing agencies are the same. And we know it isn’t. 

So, if you’re a business, unsure of the services you need and which agency model to choose to work with, keep scrolling through as we decode it for you. But if you’re a business sure of what you know and what you need, re-think that. Because you might need to give this a read too!

When you’re starting a business, eventually you will get to the part where you start wondering about marketing, strategies, creatives, branding, etc. While the branding agency is a branch of the marketing agency, some limit to just the services of the former while some need an Integration model of both these agencies. 

Integration of creative and marketing agencies sounds familiar to us because it's what we do at The Creative Trading Co. (TCTC)!

Between us, branding comes first and marketing follows. 

Here’s why! 

Branding involves creating a unique brand identity from scratch that resonates with your business values, mission vision, etc. The unique brand identity, be it a logo or tagline, or the brand color palette, all help the clients identify your brand and brand niche. Brands are your baby and creating a compelling brand identity requires skill and care.

Why is branding a significant process? 

Your brand is how the potential clients will identify your business. It’ll help your brand awareness get better througih the days. Every brand has an emotional connection to its brand identity. A backstory on the color palette or why the small pink dot for the “i”, etc. If we can crack the emotional connection in the branding stage of a business, it’ll become easier in the marketing stage. 

On the other side where the grass is greener, or not. Let us walk you through what marketing agencies can do for you.