Your Guide to Defining an Impactful Brand Personality!

June 18, 2024 •

All of us have a personality to relate to, an image to build or keep up with, and exhibit our personality traits unapologetically.

Why should brands be any different or devoid of impactful characteristics that will help increase brand equity?

Significant areas of branding that make a difference in how your brand is reflected to the audience - 

How does Brand persona play a powerful role in defining brand values?

Brand Personality Vs Brand Imagery 

How would you describe your brand?

Benefits of a clear brand persona 

This is your guide to – How “Brand persona plays a powerful role in defining brand values”

Your brand personality ultimately decides who sticks to your brand and who doesn’t. The platforms you place the brand on, how you advertise your product or services, and how your brand identity is defined, all help the customers associate themselves with the brand, one way or another or none.

For example, let us compare Nike and Neemans for you.

Nike is a name that never goes missed while not many might’ve known the existence of the latter.

The consumer crowd that is attracted to Nike is mainly – The money bags, Sneakerheads, because Tiffany & Co. collaborated with Nike and its limited edition, or because you’ve been saving way too long for those taupe Jordans, or simply because it’s Nike and you just do it! You swipe the magic card because the brand carries more value than the product itself. After all, it’s common knowledge that you pay 25% of the MRP for the product and 75% for the brand value.

Whereas, Neemans is a sustainable footwear brand based in Hyderabad. They started the brand with just 2 sneaker styles and 1 flip-flop design. Expanding to a larger audience now, they also have sustainable apparel on the racks. 

Now, what makes this brand special?

Apart from the fact that the footwear is made from recycled plastic bottles, and recycled tyres and the brand keeps its word on creating a sustainable brand, it has clean branding and no hyped-up celebrity marketing campaigns but managed to build an effective customer reach within the country.

Compared to Nike’s consumer base, Neeman's consumer base started with a very humble crowd. Their price points and the sole cushioning fit well with those who are looking up their style game on a budget. 

The consumer crowd that is attracted to Neeman’s is mainly - The sustainability coach, the sneakerhead, brand explorers, comfort hoarders, and the economy class. While they may not be as established globally as Nike, they went from being a start-up with only an online presence to 8 physical stores currently.

Now, the people who buy Neeman’s are also the ones with Nike on their wish list or in their cart that might never make it to the payment gateway. But, a majority of Nike’s consumers are the ones who may never come across Neeman’s until now or later. The point is, whether they have a valid reason to be associated with the brand or not, they want to associate themselves with the brand because they resonate with the brand values, product designs, creative discounts, and more. Simple.

The consumer base we keep referring to, eventually becomes brand advocates that lead to an increase in brand visibility, and brand credibility, creating a stream for new customers and adding value to the brand. Therefore, a brand needs to establish clear motives, and straightforward offerings and define how you’d like your brand to be recognized and what for.

Bottom line -

Brand personality is directly proportional to the emotional connection it establishes with the target audience. It is a reflection of the thought process behind the brand ideation, the infinite brainstorming sessions, the personality bits of everyone who’s worked relentlessly for the brand, and more.

But what if? 

Brand Personality Vs Brand Imagery 

Sometimes brands are mistaken for the creatives they advertise with and the imagery that is created for them. With clear branding, we can bridge the gap between the brand personality and the creatives that convey the message of the brand ultimately reflecting the brand personality. 

Key points to work with

Identify the essence of your brand

Identify your brand traits 

Who or what ideals bring life to your brand

What is the tone of your brand?

A color palette defining your brand

Elements on your logo that connect with you emotionally 

Simply put, if someone asks you about your brand, what would you say?

If you have this figured out, everything else will fall into place. The faces behind your brand cannot be omnipresent, but your brand can be. Your brand can be on all platforms, experience a global reach, and represent your voice globally, representing your brand purpose globally. All of this can be made possible by defining your brand personality. 

Let us walk you through some of the benefits that you will have the privilege of with a clear brand persona -

Brand Differentiation 

A distinct personality sets a brand apart, helping it stand out in a crowded market and creating a unique identity.

Emotional Connect

A relatable personality fosters emotional connections with consumers, leading to increased brand loyalty and advocacy.


A consistent brand personality across various touchpoints reinforces brand identity and helps in building a coherent brand image.

Customer Trust

A well-defined personality can build trust by creating a sense of familiarity and reliability, encouraging consumers to choose and stick with the brand.


Memorable personalities make a brand more memorable, aiding in brand recall and recognition.


A strong brand personality facilitates storytelling, making it easier for consumers to connect with the brand's narrative.

Customer Engagement

A relatable personality encourages customer engagement, sparking conversations and interactions.

Brand Extensions

A well-established brand personality can provide a foundation for successful brand extensions and product diversification.

Competitive Edge

A unique and appealing personality can give a brand a competitive edge by resonating with target audiences in ways competitors may not.


A dynamic brand personality can adapt to evolving market trends and consumer preferences, ensuring relevance over time.

The key to maintaining a brand personality is overall consistency. A flow in everything we do towards the brand and how we do it. Right from font style to the color palette, to the logo elements to the creative styles, consistent performance is key. 

Let our branding experts at TCTC show you what your brand’s capable of with the tailor-made identity creatives and content for your brand!