The Importance of Building a Unique Brand Identity

June 18, 2024 •

How important is it to have a name for your brand, a unique logo, and a few simple strategies for it?

Okay, let us rephrase it for you.

How important is it for your brand to be identified? To be found by the right people or vice-versa?

The answer is, highly essential. The work you do speaks for your brand and for your brand to start talking, it needs a significant “Unique Brand Identity” to be related to and to be recognized with, making your brand presence reach a wider spectrum. And this is where people like us, or us being the people here, come in.

Let us introduce you to The Creative Trading Co. and the services we offer, to help your business with, while we introduce you to a couple of tips that play a pivotal role in your business’s growth.

At TCTC, we’re dreamers, thinkers, doers, and creative as our name suggests. Cutting to the chase, We are an established creative branding agency with a team of skilled professionals who are always on the run to fill the constant void of “something new!”

Now, for your brand to remain in the pink of its health and make space for abundance, it is important to have a few points established.

1.     Establish your business type

2.     Significant market presence

3.     Build your community.

Establish your business type:

It is important for your audience to know what business you do, who you are, and whether you sell products or ideas or offer solutions and services, and re-iterating this very fact is an essential task. Because you’re not alone in this.

A lot of businesses similar to yours will exist and they might even be better or bigger or do things differently than you. If you want to be set apart from the multitude, your business needs to be louder and clearer. This can be achieved through compelling backstories, a unique logo, and even a tagline that resonates with your brand vision.

Significant Market presence:

Before you amplify your market presence, make sure it is among the right audience. Know your target audience well and your current audience even better. Being consistent with your work instils a sense of trust in your clients and drives engagement. This way, your brand visibility increases amongst your audience and reaches potential audiences as well.

Build your community:

When the above 2 points are well established and achieved, building your community is a plus one. It’s an add-on you don’t have to pay for and grows consistently with your consistent branding efforts. If we’re to put this together, more than building your community, you earn your business community.

Your market presence, your offerings, your workflow, strategies, demonstrative results or feedback, all of this earns your business its own community. A community that will stick around.

The above points are crucial for any business of any scale and are achieved with certain, steps to follow:

Ideally what we’re about to suggest, would be the final step in a list of things to do. But we believe if this crucial step is followed first, like a mantra, no one’s stopping your business from achieving those Big Billings!

Be Consistent:

Creating an impression of your business is one thing. But making an impression requires consistent efforts and effortless results. Reinforce brand strategies, represent your unique brand identity everywhere (both online and offline media), reiterate your offerings and results constantly, and make your social media presence omnipresent because you can!

Be everywhere, be loud, and be you.

Know your Audience:

Start with researching your own clients before you dive into the potential ones. Because the ones who are already there, know what your brand is good at, know what’s needed or what could be better. Understanding their pain points and their likes and dislikes about your brand makes space for your business to evolve.

Structure a survey or directly connect with your valuable clients and get chatty about this. This will help you categorise the pain points and the client's expectations. Because, with this survey, you might end up with a lot of similar responses. Next up, analyse the current market of your business, the potential market, and client behaviour patterns or rather personas. 

These three aspects help you understand your business needs, and where to place focus. These involve buying habits, likes and dislikes, psychographic patterns, interests, and even your competitors. Because they are most likely to be a client to your competitors too. 

 Establish your brand heart:

The Creative Trading Co. – A classic agency for the digital age.

Your brand heart is your unique logo and your tagline. But, your brand heart is not your logo and your tagline alone. It reflects the work you do, the solutions you curate, the benefits you offer, and why you’re the one!

YOUR approach:

Through your unique brand identity, instil your core values, vision, mission, and brand goals, rooting to the very foundation of your Brand. Just like us!

 Identify and create your Brand Persona:

At TCTC, strategies and innovations go hand in hand. We handcraft your brand experience and build your assets. Every brand sends out a message and we make sure ours is authentic and aligns with our purpose. Yours need to be too.

Be Omnipresent:

Your brand needs to be everywhere, across all socials, offline and online media. Integrating different strategies and working with what works for your brand, helps in driving traffic and growth. And with access to good social media, half of your work gets a pass, because it enables your brand to reach potential clients across the globe and make way for more opportunities that challenge your brand.

 When do you know you’ve achieved successful branding for your brand?

Exactly when your clients or audience know what to expect from you. When they have a problem to fix or require assistance in branding services and you’re being dialled at, you know you’ve made it.

 Tell your story today with TCTC’s tailor made Unique Branding services!

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