Internal Communication

The Coffee Table Book for the ages

Project Communication Design
Client BCG
Industry Consulting
Project Overview

BCG commissioned us to create a 60th-anniversary coffee table book to commemorate their milestones, achievements, and the legacy of their founders and esteemed CEOs. The client sought a visually striking design that encapsulated the essence of their journey.


This project required meticulous design and storytelling. The task involved distilling six decades of history into a rich visual narrative that honored the company’s past while inspiring future generations. Ensuring each page thoughtfully highlighted pivotal moments and the enduring impact of founders and esteemed CEOs, while maintaining a cohesive and engaging design, was a complex and demanding endeavor.


We transformed BCG’s rich history into a visually captivating coffee table book. Our approach was to craft a seamless visual narrative that celebrated the company’s milestones and achievements. We meticulously designed each page to reflect BCG’s pivotal moments and the visionary leadership of its founders and esteemed CEOs. The result was a timeless, engaging tribute that not only honored BCG’s illustrious past but also inspired future generations, making it a treasured keepsake for both the company and its audience.