Brand Launch

Standing Out in the Crowded ERP Market

Project Integrated Communication
Client Silanthi
Industry Finance
Project Overview

Laabam, an ERP solution designed to streamline business processes, enhance collaboration, and optimize resource utilization, tasked us with creating a distinct website and a comprehensive digital marketing campaign. The goal was to make it unique and showcase their website in a visually appealing manner, while also creating a distinctive outlook to set it apart from competitors.


The ERP market is highly saturated, with well-established brands already having a strong presence. This required deep research to understand how to differentiate Laabam’s approach and create a unique identity that stands out. Additionally, integrating branding, social media, and a cohesive product launch strategy posed a significant challenge.


We crafted a captivating website featuring a vibrant color scheme and intuitive UI/UX, established a distinctive brand identity, and executed a targeted social media strategy to engage our audience. This cohesive approach established a compelling online presence that distinguished Laabam from competitors and effectively communicated the unique value of our ERP solution.