UX/UI Design

Creating Exciting User Experience

Project Integrated Communication
Client POPclub
Industry E-commerce
Website popclub.co
Project Overview

POPclub enables Indian consumers to discover D2C brands and shop through POPminis (micro-sized samples) and POPstores (exclusive shop fronts for D2C brands), earning rewards through POPcoins on every purchase. They approached us for expert digital product consulting to create an exciting user experience for their app. Our mission was to design a UX/UI that would captivate their young and aspirational users, expand their app’s functionality into new categories, and attract a broader target audience.


POPclub aimed to revolutionize the online shopping experience for modern consumers. This involved creating a unique loyalty currency and a seamless reward system. Additionally, we sought to provide an engaging and interactive shopping experience while ensuring customers could try products before purchasing.


We developed POPcoins, an innovative loyalty currency that unlocks premium rewards. To enhance the shopping experience, we introduced #POPflix, a visually appealing video feed that allows customers to select products directly. Additionally, we launched #POPminis, offering sample sizes so members can try before they buy. These initiatives collectively ensured a user-friendly, engaging, and effortless online shopping experience. We designed an exciting and user-friendly interface that was easy to navigate. We incorporated bold and bright colours, along with a youthful and energetic visual design that appealed to Pop Club’s target audience.